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Apr 25 2020

Safe Air Ambulance Flights for Covid-19 Patients

Safe Medical Transport for Corona Virus Patients

Covid-19 patients can be safely transported by air ambulance. While many aspects of the disease are yet to be fully known, we do know that the Corona Virus is an air-born infection that can be safely contained by the use of an isolation pod.

For Air Ambulance trips in North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean, Global Air Ambulance will now be utilizing a dedicated Learjet 35A air ambulance that is equipped with an IsoArk N36 isolation chamber for all suspected and confirmed cases of COVID 19.

The IsoArk N36 isolation chamber will provide the patient and crew a breathing environment that exceeds CDC standards for health care infection control. The IsoArk N36 chamber has the capability to isolate a patient who is infected with the Corona Virus while enabling the medical staff to continue to provide effective treatment of the patient’s underlying conditions.

The isolation chamber is equipped with its own negative pressure filtration system that gives maximum protection to both the patient and the flight team. At one end of the IsoArk N36 is the air inlet and at the other end is a filtration unit that draws the air inside the chamber through highly efficient filters before passing the air to the jet cabin.

corona pod

In addition to utilizing the IsoArk system, for the safety of everyone aboard the aircraft, the crew will continue to wear Personal Protective Equipment including the use of Tyvek suits, face shields and N95 masks for all suspected or confirmed cases.

As with all air ambulance transports, the dedicated Covid-19 aircraft and medical equipment will be decontaminated and meticulously sanitized after every patient trip. The cleaning process exceeds the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for Covid-19, including:

  • Fresh air is circulated in the cabin throughout the cleaning process
  • The cleaning crew utilizes disposable gowns, masks, and gloves
  • The cabin surfaces are pre-cleaned prior to using an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant approved for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)
  • All reusable patient-care equipment is cleaned and disinfected before use on another patient, according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Cleaning PPE is then disposed using standard operating procedures for the containment and disposal of used PPE.
  • Linen is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned.

As mentioned in our last Global Air Ambulance Covid-19 Advisory, we will continue to thoroughly screen all patients for Covid-19 during pre-flight evaluations. Flight staff will continue to be screened for the virus as well. Global Air Ambulance is following CDC guidelines for social distancing, working from home, elimination of non-essential travel, and screening flight staff for possible exposure to ensure a safe environment for patients and traveling family members.

Safe medical transport remains our number one goal. We are here to serve the public through this trying time and to ensure that your patient receives the utmost care without the threat of COVID 19 during transport.

Global Air Ambulance is staying on the forefront of this ongoing crisis and will provide our clients with the safest transports possible in the industry. If you have questions regarding this advisory or about air ambulance transport in general, please contact us at 800-948-1220 or visit us on the web at

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