Covid-19 Patient Transport

Can Covid-19 patients be transported by air ambulance?

We can safely transport Covid-19 patients without risking the health of our medical staff and pilots. Guidance from the CDC is constantly changing as we learn more about Covid-19. We know that because the virus is air-born and primarily transferred via droplets suspended in the air. isolation pods can contain the virus while allowing our staff to provide a high level of medical care.

Global air ambulance is one of the few air ambulance companies equipped to provide this sort of transport, and we're working with authorities to meet the most current safety guidelines and mandates.

Our flights are limited by travel bans that are placed between origin and destination countries; however, we're able to transport to any country that allows incoming flights using IsoArk N36 isolation pods.

Is it safe for patients without Corona virus to be transported?

Transport via air ambulance is the safest form of air travel at this time. Our medical staff and pilots are regularly tested for covid-19.

In addition, the crew will always wear Personal Protective Equipment including the use of Tyvek suits, face shields and N95 masks.

As with all air ambulance transports, the dedicated Covid-19 aircraft and medical equipment will be decontaminated and meticulously sanitized after every patient trip. The cleaning process exceeds the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for Covid-19.

What transport options are available?

At this time the safest mode of transport for both our patients and staff is via private air ambulance. On top of being in control of all people who come into contact with the plane and equipment, air ambulance transports are able to bypass air port terminals and security.

Do you meet CDC guidelines for safe transport?

Global Air Ambulance surpasses all CDC guidelines for medical care and transport. Our personnel are equipped with all necessary personal protective equipment, and our planes are cleaned meticulously.

The cleaning process includes:

  1. Fresh air is circulated in the cabin throughout the cleaning process
  2. The cleaning crew utilizes disposable gowns, masks, and gloves
  3. The cabin surfaces are pre-cleaned prior to using an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant approved for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)
  4. All reusable patient-care equipment is cleaned and disinfected before use on another patient, according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Cleaning PPE is then disposed using standard operating procedures for the containment and disposal of used PPE.
  6. Linen is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned.

How can I safely travel during the pandemic?

Travel, whether a short trip or long, is inherently risky during a pandemic, but you can hedge your risk by purchasing travel insurance from a reputable dealer.

Covid-19 has increased the cost for medical transport because the risk of contracting the virus has limited our transport options to primarily private air ambulance.

If you do travel during this time be sure to talk with your insurance provider and ensure that your contract allows for you to be transported back to your country and city of residence rather than just the closest suitable facility. To learn more read our blog posts about Corona Virus and an ongoing update on the state of air ambulance during this time.

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