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last updated 08/01/2021

Global Air Ambulance launches new service to allow bitcoin payments

We're happy to provide our customers with effective, modern ways to pay for medical transport.


Global Air Ambulance now accepts Bitcoin in payment for air ambulance, airline escort and long distance ground transports. We are the first ambulance company to accept digital currency.

An uninterupted way to make international payments

Digital currencies and stores of value are becoming more and more valuable, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased interest central banks and consumers.

Recognizing that some of our global clients appreciate the opportunity to utilize cryptocurrency, Global Air Ambulance now uses the Coinbase as our blockchain payment processor to allow our customers to seamlessly purchase our services using Bitcoin.

As transactions for international travel must occur 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, cryptocurrency adds a technological solution that increases opportunities for our clients to more easily pay for our services. Whereas previously bank wires and international transfers would've made payment outside working hours or over the weekend impossible, payment via cryptocurrency is available instantly at all times.

How to pay for medical transport with Bitcoin

We understand that many of our customers don't have much exposure to payment with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. For this reason we've chosen to use Coinbase Commerce to simplify the process.

At the time of payment we'll send you a link to a payment portal that will guide you through the process of sending funds directly. Within minutes we'll receive confirmation of the transaction.

If you do have experience with cryptocurrencies the process will be very straightforward. Our wallet address will be available in the contract for payment if you notify us beforehand.

Let you're transport coordinator if you're interested in this payment option. It's a great alternative for payment when banks are closed or your trip will be occuring over the weekend.

Global Air Ambulance can transfer your loved one to any location on the globe. Now, we accept global currency. Please call us at 800-948-1220 to discuss your medical transport needs.

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