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last updated 12/12/2018

Do I Have To Fly On An Air Ambulance Alone?

How Many Passengers Are Allowed On An Air Ambulance Medical Flight?

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Having family close when you are sick is ideal. Because of this, at Global Air Ambulance, we provide seating for up to two passengers in addition to the patient for no additional cost. However, if the situation arises where the patient will be traveling alone, the patient will be in very capable hands. Our medical transport specialist are trained to provide excellent medical care and to make sure the patient is as comfortable as possible. At Global Air Ambulance, the typical air ambulance aircraft is a business jet, which if configured for business travel would seat six to eight passengers. In an air ambulance configuration, we can typically offer seating for two additional passengers with no additional cost to the patient. The layout of an air ambulance includes: a state of the art medical stretcher with medical equipment and supplies, two seats directly across from the stretcher where our aeromedical transport specialists sit, and passenger seating at the foot of the stretcher as well as limited space for luggage. If your patient requires more seating for passengers or additional space for more luggage, please let us know and we can review with you the specifictions of larger air ambulance aircraft within our fleet.

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