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Nov 10 2018

What Is Air Ambulance?

Is Medical Flight Transport A Viable Choice For My Patient?

An air ambulance is a plane that has been outfitted with medical equipment in order to transport injured or critically ill patients. Air ambulances are best for medical flights further than 200 miles. Our staff and equipment ensure safe and comfortable travel for patients who need specialized care. We're equipped to transport patients who range in condition whether cancer treatment, burn care, or strokes.


Most frequently, air ambulance transports patients to their homes, an alternate hospital, or to rehabilitation centers for specific care.

Air ambulance also alleviates the stress of flying on commercial airlines for elderly patients who need more comfortable travel.

What Type of Planes Are Used As Air Ambulances

We use a variety of fixed wing aircraft for air ambulance transfers. They differ in size, fuel capacity, and speed. They also impact the overall cost of trip.

The most commonly plane we use is the LEARJET 35. This is a long distance jet that supports medical stretchers, ICU level equipment, and the ability to seat two aditional family members. Our medical team is equipped to provide a very high level of care during transport.

How Much Does Air Ambulance Cost?

Prices for air ambulance flights range drammatically, but flights within the United States are typically between $20,000 and $40,000 whereas internationaly flights are often over $100,000. Medical flight services are costly procedures, but there are many ways we work to control and reduce the cost.

The location of our aircraft and how quickly you need to move the patient are two of the most important factors in pricing transfer. Locating an aircraft in close proximity to the patient saves time and fuel, which provides significant cost savings. This is how we try to save you money. Air ambulance companies are very competive, so we do our best to offer you the most afforable air ambulance services we can.

If there is flexibility in the dates on transfer we are often able to connect your flight with another nearby. We aim to provide you and your patient the highest level of care for the absolute most affordable price.

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