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Transporting Your Patient To And From The Airport

What Is Bed To Bed Service And Is It Included?

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When requesting a quote from Global Air Ambulance, the quote will include bed-to-bed service. The term, “bed to bed service” refers to the ground transportation required to get a patient to and from the air ambulance aircraft.

The process begins with our medical staff requesting a complete medical report on your patient. With that information we determine the appropriate mode of ground transportation. Options include ALS ambulance, BLS ambulance, wheelchair van and stretcher van. We then coordinate the pick up your patient from either a facility or their private residence, and take them to the designated airport private terminal where our air ambulance aircraft will be waiting. Once we arrive at the destination airport the reverse will take place. We will have suitable ground transportation awaiting their arrival ready to take them to their final destination.

If passengers are accompanying the patient on the air ambulance flight, typically they can ride in the ground transportation with the patient. If there are space limitations on the patient’s ground transportation, we will arrange for the transport of passengers in an additional vehicle.

So put simply, we will be coordinating your patient’s travel from the time we pick them up until we drop them off at their final destination. If you prefer to arrange the ground transportation, just let your flight coordinator know and we will provide all the necessary information needed so you can coordinate the ground transportation on your own.

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