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last updated 12/09/2018

The First Step In Booking An Air Ambulance

Practical Advice On How To Move Your Patient To Another Hospital

BookingAir Ambulance

Transporting a patient from one location to another can be a daunting task, however, Global Air Ambulance will help every step of the way to make the transfer more manageable. We are very skilled at the process and will be available during every step to offer any assistance you may need.

The first step is to find a suitable destination for the patient. The doctor at the sending facility will let you know the type of facility he will release the patient to. It may be another hospital, a step down facility such as a nursing home or even to the patient’s residence. If the patient needs to go to another facility, one needs to be selected and a bed needs to be secured there. To secure a bed, a call needs to be made to the admission’s department at the chosen facility.

They will need to know the condition of the patient, the patient’s insurance information, and where the patient is re-locating from. They will assign a receiving physician to the patient and will most likely request a phone conversation between the sending physician and the receiving physician to go over the medical condition of the patient. If needed, we can facilitate conversations between physicians, coordinate logistics between facilities, and relay important medical information. Once the patient is accepted at the destination facility the next step is to decide on the date of transport.

If you have flexibility in your travel date, often times we can offer a discount. We do this by looking for a patient in our system that needs to travel in the opposite direction as your patent. We then coordinate both transports so that one patient is transported in the morning and the other in the afternoon. By doing this our aircraft is not flying empty and we are able to offer cost savings to both patients. If your situation does not allow for a flexible travel date, we will work hard to get you the lowest price possible on your desired date. In addition, for those patients needing immediate service, we can do trips same day if necessary.

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