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South Carolina as a Travel Destination

South Carolina is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, attracting millions of visitors every year. South Carolina is a southeastern U.S. state known for its shoreline of subtropical beaches and marshlike sea islands. Coastal Charleston is an often visited, historic city, defined by pastel-colored houses, Old South plantations and Fort Sumter, where the Civil War’s opening shots were fired. In 2023 Charleston was ranked the #1 city in the US by Travel & Leisure readers. To the north is the Grand Strand, a roughly 60-mile stretch of beachfront known for golf courses and the vacation town Myrtle Beach. Whether you're looking for a golfing adventure or to relax in the sunshine on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has it all.

South Carolina Geography

Critical Medical Transportation Services To and From South Carolina

Because you never know when a medical emergency may arise, we at Global Air Ambulance are proud to provide fixed wing air medical transportation services to patients traveling to and from South Carolina. Our highly trained medical professionals and state-of-the-art air ambulances are equipped to meet the needs of even the most critically ill patients, ensuring that they receive the best care possible while in transit. Global Air Ambulance offers a range of medical transportation services to and from South Carolina to meet your medical transportation needs.

Insurance Coverage of Medical Transportation To and From South Carolina

The Cost of Medical transportation can be expensive. Sometimes medical health insurance coverage can be used to offset the cost. If travel insurance is purchased, depending on the policy, some travel insurance plans also have medical transportation coverage. At Global Air Ambulance we are very experienced in determining quickly the likelihood of reimbursement from insurance companies so that you can make decisions that are in the best interest of your patient. We also have a very knowledgeable medical staff that will work with the sending and receiving locations to determine the patients needs during transport, (ie. medical equipment, medicines, personnel required etc.) so that we can supply the safest and quickest mode of transportation for your patient.

Whether fixed wing air ambulance is required or, for more basic patients, commercial airline escort or even ground transportation, we are your advocate to determine what is in the best interest of your patient.

Costs of Different Medical Transportation Options To and From South Carolina

Medical Air Ambulance is the often the most expensive medical transportation service. The cost is a composite of distance to be covered, type of medical equipment and personnel needed, and urgency. At Global Air Ambulance, our 24/7 dispatch line will pair you with a flight coordinator who usually within an hour can provide you with an exact quote for our medical transportation service that best meets your patients' needs.

If the patient is stable and has some flexibility in travel time, other options such as commercial airline medical escort, or ground transportation services can be explored. These services are usually less expensive and a good option for a patient who is deemed stable enough for this mode of transport by their sending physician. Please call us at 800-948-1220 and discuss your patient's situation with our knowledgeable coordinators who can provide you with an exact quote. 

For medical air ambulance and commercial airline escort service, our quote will typically include the ground transportation to and from either the private aircraft or the airport. This is termed bed to bed service. If your patient uses or medical ground transportation services, we will pick them up at their current location and take them to their preferred destination.

Determining Which Transportation Services is Best for your Patient

Many factors go in to determining the best mode of transportation for a patient as well as medical the personnel required. At Global Air Ambulance, we will work with you to determine the safest and most cost effective way to transport your loved one. We will be your advocate and work with the medical professionals and both the sending and receiving locations to ensure a smooth transition from one facility to another.

Whether your patient requires air ambulance service, commercial airline escort service, or ground transportation service, we will work with you to transport your patient safely and quickly while managing costs.

Medical Transportation Professionals at Global Air Ambulance

Global Air Ambulance offers a wide range of medical transportation services to and from South Carolina, including air ambulance, commercial airline medical escort, ground ambulance, stretcher van transport, and train escort. Our medical team is comprised of highly trained flight nurses, respiratory therapists, and paramedics.

Those who provide medical care in the air are trained in flight physiology and on all necessary medical equipment so that they are able to manage all of the patient's medical needs.

For our commercial airline escort services we utilize registered nurses to provide patient care.

Whether you are traveling to South Carolina for vacation or to take advantage of the state's world renown hospitals, or South Carolina is your home and you need medical transportation to get you back to the support of your family and medical professionals, Global Air Ambulance's staff is available 24/7 to help you find the quickest and safest mode of travel for your situation. 

Top Hospitals in the South Carolina

South Carolina is home to some of the most prestigious hospitals in the world, including MUSC Health-Univeristy Hospital, Grand Strand Medical Center, and Lexington Medical Center.

Grand strand health center

Whichever excellent medical facility you choose within South Carolina, Global Air Ambulance can provide medical transportation for your patient to that facility.

First Step When Transporting a patient to a Hospital

Prior to transporting a patient to a preferred medical facility, that facility will need to accept the patient. Typically, acceptance at any of the medical facilities within South Carolina or within any city in the United States, requires a phone call to that facilities admissions department to discuss the patient's situation. Most often they will want the patient's insurance information and also will want to obtain the most up to date medical information from the physician who is treating the patient.

Please call us at 800-948-1220 if you would like further information on the hospital acceptance process. Our staff is very experienced in every step of the process and will service as your advocate in securing hospital acceptance for your patient.

Airports utilized for Medical Transportation Services in South Carolina

Air Ambulance and Commercial Airline Medical Escort Services

Charleston Airport

Our air ambulance services allow us to transport patients to and from any location in the world, including major airports in the South Carolina such as Charleston International Airport (CHS), Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR), and Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP).

All our medical transportation services are available to and from all major airports in South Carolina to provide seamless travel for our patients. If the patient is stable and able to travel via our commercial airline escort program, we will utilize these major airports to access the most direct flights with the fewest connections.

If the patient needs fixed wing air ambulance service, we often times can use smaller, local airports which are closer to the patient's origin or destination to minimize the ground transportation time.

South Carolina Language,Cultural, and Travel Information

South Carolina is a culturally diverse city, with many different languages and customs represented. English is the primary language spoke. There are also numerous historic sites and museums scattered throughout the state paying homage to many events and periods in the state's history from Native American inhabitation to the present day. If you plan on traveling to South Carolina, you may want to consider travel insurance.


Purchasing Travel Insurance when traveling to South Carolina

Travel insurance companies offer many different policies. It is important that you choose the policy that will allow you to pick the destination you are transported to if you become ill. Although this policy may be more expensive, it will give you peace of mind that if you become ill, the policy will cover the cost of transporting you home, not just to the closest facility that can provide you adequate care.

Global Air Ambulance will work directly with your travel insurance provider to transport you home safely if medical transportation is covered by your policy. When traveling always keep your travel insurance policy easily accessible and provide a copy to someone you trust in case of an emergency.

Visa and Travel Information when visiting South Carolina

Travelers to South Carolina from other countries may require a visa, depending on their country of origin. It is recommended that visitors check the visa requirements well in advance of their travel date. In addition, visitors should be aware of the local laws and customs, and should familiarize themselves with the transportation system to make the most of their visit.

When to call Global Air Ambulance

If you call South Carolina home and need medical transportation back to your family, friends, and medical support system or are visiting this state on vacation or business and need medical transportation to your home state, Global Air Ambulance has the expertise to meet your travel needs.

Our staff will work with you to determine in the mode of transportation that is required, the cost, the potential of costs being covered by insurance, the logistics between the sending and receiving locations, as well as the possibility of family members accompanying the patient to their final destination.

Please call us at 800-948-1220. Our staff is available 24/7 to discuss our numerous medical transport options for your patient.

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